Amber Tides

Is the name of a special lemonade at the Pulitzer bar in Amsterdam.

(You know you are a writer at heart when you want to steal the drinks menu, because it contains a lot of potential chapter titles).

While sipping this peachy, bubbly, lemon drink and poking the ice cubes with a straw, I listened to the conversation around me. Co-workers chatting about work, family, food and the cool place we were in.

And I wondered what my MC would do in a place like this. Who would she meet? What drink would she pick? Did she like mint? For a moment reality and the world of story perfectly one.

Until, of course, someone asked me a question and I was grounded again in present day Amsterdam.

Writing every day, even if it’s in short sips of time, makes the edges of reality blurry.

That state of mind is what I love about writing. It gives flavour to sound, and colour to taste.

It makes drinks into titles.

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