Losing Marbles & How to Find Them

I can’t seem to come up with a single interesting thing to blog about this Friday. This probably has something to do with the lack of a good night’s sleep and I drank too much wine yesterday.

(In my defence: it was King’s day here in The Netherlands).

So here I am, staring at my screen at work, trying to force my brain and memory to think of something. Anything.

And then: Poof. My brain brought me this title 🙂 . I really like this idiom, it has a nice ring to it. And I find it funny that little glass balls are associated with the brain. As a child I had many marbles, and treated the precious pretty colourful glass making chiming sounds in my pockets, like jewels. But I’m getting a bit of topic here. You see when I was writing this paragraph I stumbled on something worth sharing.

What do you do when you’ve got no idea where to go with your story? When you feel you’re a lousy writer about to lose his or her marbles? When ideas that often come easy are nowhere to be seen?

The answer is shockingly simple. You just keep on keeping on. Write words you’re sure you are going to delete later. Write a blogpost with a strange title and keep writing until something (anything) makes sense.

The only writing advice I stick by is that you should find a process that works for you.

So dear fellow writer, if you’ve lost your marbles, chase them down, put them in your pockets. And write.

And if you can’t find them, write anyway.

3 thoughts on “Losing Marbles & How to Find Them”

  1. Hi, and thank you for the follow. It’s difficult for me to start a new story. The best advice? Trial and error. Take care now.


      1. Hello. I’m much better editing my work than ever before. A synopsis is around a few pages so think in terms of that. But we all have other things to do so it all comes down to what’s more important. I hope you’ll have a safe and fun trip.


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