Step Into the Future

Imagine you’re trying to lose some weight and you’re about to forget what you were trying because your primal senses have picked up the scent of a Snickers bar, hiding from you behind a closed cupboard. The beast in you roars and your body is making happy hormones because it knows it’s getting sugary/fatty food.

What do you do?

A. Attack the cupboard. Rip paper from bar. Swallow whole (some chewing allowed). FEEL BAD AFTERWARDS

B. Ignore primal need for Snickers. Drink water instead. Eat a healthy cracker. FEEL GOOD AFTERWARDS.

Most of the time A. is what happens. Call it lack of discipline, call it sugar addiction. Call it weakness.

You’d be right.

Because if you go for B, you feel good afterwards. And if you go for B often enough it will become your default setting, and opting for A. isn’t so bad when it happens, because it’s an exception.

It’s a matter of self-discipline. And self-discipline is a muscle that can be trained. The only thing you need to focus on is the AFTERWARDS FEELING.

To do this we must learn to stretch our imagination into the near future and focus on the feeling yet to come.

Having trouble starting your story/drawing/whatever?

Imagine how you’d feel when it is finished. Got that feeling? Yes? Try to keep focusing on that.

Cut the goals in easy pieces. Want to lose weight? Then you only have to make sure you eat healthy today. Make choice B and forget about the Snickers (well, to be on the safe side, don’t buy Snickers, because Snickers ARE NOT EASY TO RESIST).

Want to write a story?

Write a page today, or scene today.

Want to exercise more?

Skip the elevator today. Walk around your block today.

Want to think about the environment more?

Recycle something today.

Everyday you self- discipline will grow, it will get easier to make decisions and you will become more confident.  Step into the future of today and focus on the feeling you want to end up with.

Today is all you have.





5 thoughts on “Step Into the Future”

  1. Okay, I really needed this. I am so terrible at disciplining myself. I’m trying to do this No Junk Food Challenge for 21 Days. The first couple of days were fine, then last night my mom asks me if I want dessert and it was one of those chocolate marshmallow bunnies . . . let’s just say I have to start the 21 days over. And don’t get me started on exercising. The point is, this was lovely to read and I definitely needed it. Still trying to write everyday, but I think I’ve hit Writer’s Block. I’ll hopefully figure it out. But thank you for this! You’ve inspired me 😀


    1. NO! I know it’s said that it takes 21 days to create a habit, but even when something is a habit doesn’t mean you have to do it everyday. If I were you I’d just continue trying and not start at day 0. 🙂 If I feel my writing sucks and giving up seems tempting, I create novel worthy grocery lists, or silly stories for children, that make no sense. As long as you keep on keeping on 🙂

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      1. That’s definitely true. I’ll try! And if I get stuck I can always turn to writing character backstories.

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  2. To me, the best tasting candy bar is snickers but it has hydrogenated oil. I don’t buy them anymore. We can break those chains with discipline. Writing is like any other profession, we get down to work.


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