The Month of Story

Inspired by the Happier podcast hosted by Gretchen Rubin and Liz Craft I decided to design my Summer. My Summer consists of July, August and September, and I’m going to pick a theme and design a do-able project or some goals for each of those months.

July will be the month of STORY. August the month of FAMILY and September the month of HOME.

For The Month of Story I’m doing Campnanowrimo. This time I’ve picked the random cabin assignments- option and let myself be surprised 🙂

Goals for July:

1-1,5 hours of editing or writing every day.

4 blog posts

8 photos (posted on Instagram)

4 twitter posts

Woop Woop!



3 thoughts on “The Month of Story”

    1. I am going for a fairytale-ish/ magic realistic YA story about a girl living on the only Island in the Sea of the North. And rewriting editing the Novel that Must not be named: The Blacklist for teens with magic. Such fun projects! What are you working on?

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      1. Sounds cool! Have fun & good luck! Right now: 1. preparing to send my book with “book reviews” to editor/proofread. 2. Next project: the book of poetry. That’s all for this year 🙂 I also find it difficult – to write for kids/teens, so I’ll go with satire/adult humor genre instead

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