Of Mice and Lamps

I know you don’t actually need a designated place to write, to well, .. err WRITE, but it sure is fun to have a home office for the creative part of yourself. Not that I have such a thing yet, but the plans are there. We are going to build an office in the garden! A Garden Office! The idea alone fills me with joy and happy thoughts. The garden isn’t huge which means the trampoline has to go (sorry kids, they don’t know this yet) and we have to save money (because garden offices cost money, ha-ha! Who’d have thought) So in about two years it’s going to be there.

So future-me is going to buy actual houseplants! (my cats are hairy destroyers, my dog is learning fast). And a piano, so I can pretend to learn how to play it. I’m collecting stuff to put in my office. I already have an old-fashioned typewriter, a yet to be big collection of storytiles and now, I also have mice lamps.


On writing: I’ve dipped a toe in querying and I’ve to say the experience so far is not what I expected. The agents I queried (the responding ones) were nice or formal and didn’t leave me with an uncomfortable feeling after rejecting the project I was querying. So thank you agents, for being kind and professional people.

Also I started a middle grade, because those are fun. Currently writing a story about a boy who wants to train pigeons.

Hope you are well! And if you’re querying or writing: YOU GOT THIS (even if you don’t think you do, you do).

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