Cue Insecurity

I’m in the midst of rewriting a YA contemporary fantasy, and my inner editor is sabotaging the flow. I’ve got a rough outline to guide me through the structure of the story I’ve in mind, I have a Beginning, at least one major Turning Point and an End, so a few of the big building blocks are there. But still I’m creatively stuck. I’ve read/rewritten/read/rewritten some chapters so many times, that I’m bored with my own writing. Cue insecurity.

I should abandon this project.

I am never going to finish.

If I finish it is going to be Boring (yes capital B) and no one is going to read it.


Maybe this is the point where I should try to find some Beta readers. Cue insecurity.


I won’t find any.

I can’t possibly let anyone read this boring story.

If someone reads this, you are never going to finish.


Guess this writing thing means: continue writing. Even when your brain is in the way/ you are bored/ you feel insecure/ you want to abandon the Thing.


Send help.

Blablabla. Go work out

This is one (out of two) of the most effective quotes I ever saw about exercise/healthy eating. It speaks to me on so many levels. I think I was a cat in my previous life. I like to sleep and eat. AND NOT go to the gym. But I go anyway and this quote is partly responsible.

I can think of a thousand reasons why I don’t want to go exercising: I’m too tired/cranky/not in the mood/have a muscle ache/have really important things to watch on Netflix/it’s cold outside/it’s warm outside/ I deserve my rest . In other words: BLABLABLA.

To be honest, I don’t get in the flow of a workout, don’t necessarily get happier when I run 5 kilometres, but I’m always glad when it is DONE. The feeling that I went despite the BLABLABLA is awesome.

And yes the thought of having a sparkling bikini body is also appealing.

You want to know the other quote that helps to keep me in line?

If you’re not hungry enough to eat an apple.

You are not hungry.

You are bored.

I am a very bored person.