Back Home

My thirty day holiday flew by, leaving me with memories of sandy beaches, roaring waves and happy times. (Next post will contain pictures!)  I’ll try to cling to them while I’m being wrapped up in my day tot day life.

I often write about memories, not only actual ones but also the mechanism.

How memories are triggered by smell. How they get mixed up. How they blur, why they are forgotten and why they sometimes come back. It fascinates me.  I’m blessed with a decent memory, although I have a thing for remembering non-important facts: the striped socks I wore on my seventh birthday/phonenumbers from my childhood friends/ the shape of an island when I was on a holiday years ago (it was shaped like a turtle) .

Anyway I’m back home, getting back  in ‘normal’ mode. I’m starting a new job next month,  school starts again next week. I’ve got loads of writing to get back to. But I’m not going to push myself or put pressure on it. I’m going to (try to) enjoy it.

Because happy isn’t a goal to be reached, it’s a moment. And if you’re lucky it will become a long-lasting memory.

Amber Tides

Is the name of a special lemonade at the Pulitzer bar in Amsterdam.

(You know you are a writer at heart when you want to steal the drinks menu, because it contains a lot of potential chapter titles).

While sipping this peachy, bubbly, lemon drink and poking the ice cubes with a straw, I listened to the conversation around me. Co-workers chatting about work, family, food and the cool place we were in.

And I wondered what my MC would do in a place like this. Who would she meet? What drink would she pick? Did she like mint? For a moment reality and the world of story perfectly one.

Until, of course, someone asked me a question and I was grounded again in present day Amsterdam.

Writing every day, even if it’s in short sips of time, makes the edges of reality blurry.

That state of mind is what I love about writing. It gives flavour to sound, and colour to taste.

It makes drinks into titles.