Passion Panic

I’m on a reading-about-finding-your-passion spree.

So far I’ve read: UNWRAPPING YOUR PASSION by Karen Putz, THE CROSSROADS OF SHOULD AND MUST by Elle Luna, re-read THE HAPPINESS PROJECT by GRETCHEN RUBIN, and THE ALCHEMIST by Paulo Coelho (because I love it).

Funny thing is, I already know my passion (spoiler: it’s writing). I think I just need to hear people tell me it’s not always easy. Writing a single page can be daunting, and even the idea of putting one sentence to paper is potentially terrifying at times.

In case you need to hear this: just because something doesn’t come easy or not always feels like a joyful endeavor, doesn’t mean it’s not what you’re supposed to do. Whether it’s baking, cooking writing, building a website, raising your kids, {fill in the blank}  if you put just a fraction of your heart in it, it’s worth it.

Here’s a photo of my puppy 🙂