Dear Tomorrow & All Other Days Yet to Come

November came and went. December has made its entry with its splendid ways to make my money disappear while simultaneously making my heart feel lighter.

Last month I’ve drafted a novel, and it’s a complete mess. And I love it. Not the actual words I produced but the fact that I took the time putting words on paper. It turned out my schedule wasn’t so full, there was plenty of time for the taking. Binge watching series can wait. So can a lot of chores. And people. And work. Time was scattered across my life, I just had to sweep it together.

I’ve got a strange relationship with time. Sometimes I try to outrun it, at other times I try to stretch it as far as I can. I ignore it, or watch every minute of the hour tick away. One thing is always true. I spent way to much time (hah!) worrying about it.

The funny thing I realised is that it is never ever going to be tomorrow. It’s ALWAYS going to be a day away. So Dear Tomorrow and all other days yet to come, I will worry about you when you have arrived, because then you’re called today and today I can work with.

So no more resolution making for the future. I’m going to shape my future by taking choices today.

Small steps. Big dreams.

Start today.