Hello Autumn

Autumn is here, bringing rain and dark mornings.

I feel a bit melancholic and am not entirely sure it’s because the time that was, the time that is or the time that’s yet to come. And I guess it doesn’t really matter.

Autumn’s here. I’m here. That’s all there is to it.

So what Am I Going to Do with this One precious Autumn in 2017?

I’m going to get back to writing and editing. There are stories to be told, stories to unfold and stories that need to change.

(I know I promised pictures in my previous post. But my computer at work is not cooperating so you’ll have to wait for those.

(sorry not sorry)


The Ultimate of Lists

I’m talking of course about the famous bucket list.

Everyone seems to have one, everyone seems to want one.

Including me (the wanting part, still haven’t made one).

There are about a gazillion places I want to visit, at least six languages I want to speak fluently, three instruments I want to play like a pro and I can think of endless other things ranging from having the perfect bikini body to writing bestseller novels.


If I want to do all those things I need to work more so I can travel more.

I need to delete all useless time devouring things from my schedule.

(Which is hard. I find Breaking Bad very appealing. Same goes for useless internet browsing).

I don’t want that. I guess the trick would be to make the List of Lists achievable and specific.

One of the things that would definitely be on my list is to experience the 24 hours of Midnight Sun in the Artic Circle during the June Solstice. (Because thinking about it alone generated three solid novel ideas and it would be all kinds of awesome).

Ticking this one of the list would mean I need:

-a plane ticket to Honningsvag, (North Cape, Norway). From Amsterdam that costs about 700 euro.

-free days in June

-Accommodation (around 300-400 euro)

-Rental car (200)

So basically I would need 1200 euro and time off.

Another example: I don’t want to make the time to learn six languages fluently, but three or four would be a doable goal. Since I already am fluent in two (Dutch and English), have limited proficiency in two others (Italian and French), this is something that could be accomplished.

Anyway what I’m saying is that if I finally get around to actually making the list I would make two versions.

One with every cool thing I can think of. The other with the things I really want, the things I’m willing to work and sacrifice for.

(And yes: experiencing the 24 hour Midnight Sun in the Artic Circle would definitely be on the latter).

I’m very curious about your top three!

Dear Tomorrow & All Other Days Yet to Come

November came and went. December has made its entry with its splendid ways to make my money disappear while simultaneously making my heart feel lighter.

Last month I’ve drafted a novel, and it’s a complete mess. And I love it. Not the actual words I produced but the fact that I took the time putting words on paper. It turned out my schedule wasn’t so full, there was plenty of time for the taking. Binge watching series can wait. So can a lot of chores. And people. And work. Time was scattered across my life, I just had to sweep it together.

I’ve got a strange relationship with time. Sometimes I try to outrun it, at other times I try to stretch it as far as I can. I ignore it, or watch every minute of the hour tick away. One thing is always true. I spent way to much time (hah!) worrying about it.

The funny thing I realised is that it is never ever going to be tomorrow. It’s ALWAYS going to be a day away. So Dear Tomorrow and all other days yet to come, I will worry about you when you have arrived, because then you’re called today and today I can work with.

So no more resolution making for the future. I’m going to shape my future by taking choices today.

Small steps. Big dreams.

Start today.

Pumpkin soup & the pursuit of happiness

Yay first post!

I started this blog because I want to do more of what makes me happy.

Life is too short to stop learning so this is the beginning of a (hopefully long) journey in which I try to make new things.

Because time flies.

Not only when you’re having fun. But also when you’re looking the other way, making other plans.

This blog journals my feeble (but hopefully enrichingly fun 🙂 )attempt of slowing time down.

Life is happening now.

And I’m attending to make the best of it, by doing more of the things that make me happy.

Try new recipes.

Go places I’ve never been before.

Write better and more.

Do new things.

So for starters here’s an attempt at a very simple pumpkin soup in my pursuit of happiness  🙂


What you need (serves 4):

A pumpkin (around 1,2 KG)

Carrots (300 gr)

Garlic (two cloves)

Two red onions

1 liter of water

1 vegetable bouillon block


creme fraiche

How you do it:

Roughly chop the onions, garlic, carrots, pumpkin.

Heat a bottom of olive oil in a large pan (soup pan/ sauce pan) and cook the chopped vegetables for 15 minutes. Add water and bouillon block  and let it simmer for 20 minutes.

Blend with a stick blender.  And tata! It’s soup.

Add a spoon of creme fraiche to every bowl and some parsley.

Then it’s happy soup.