Me, myself, Irene

Hi! I’m Irene.

I started this blog because I want to focus on doing things that make me happy, not because people or society expect me to, but because I want to.

When I was young I decided to become an Indiana Jones sort of person (travelling, learning, teaching and some action while obtaining precious artefacts).

Some of that plan worked out the way it was supposed to: I travel when I can, I’ve worked as a tourguide in England, I’ve got a bachelor’s in art history and love to learn.

However, a lot of it turned out into this beautiful mess I call my life.

I’m 33, 34, 35 36 37  38 live in Haarlem (The Netherlands), am a nurse, currently working as a research coordinator  schoolnurse, am the mother of one, stepmother of three. An aspiring writer and an amateur in a lot of other things ending with.-ing (cooking, gardening, singing, horse-riding ).

A random list of things I love:  Lists, books, writing, reading, drawing, gardening,  the color blue, seasons, snow, socks, fire, cats, dogs, notebooks, (not eating) animals, photography, travelling, cakes, Paris, rain, stars, glitter, art, history, cooking.

These are probably things that will appear on this blog.


This is me, enjoying some prosecco in Madrid, Spain (where my brother lived, he moved back a while ago. Sad face). I should wear sunglasses but I don’t like wearing sunglasses, they make me look like a fly.