Try, Try & Try Again

Because it’s probably boring if I type an entire post about the word “try” I livened it up with pictures of The Avocado Project. Here goes:

Step one ->

Buy an Avocado

Step two -> Eat an Avocado (sorry no pictures of this event)

Step three->Dry for a couple of days

Step four ->Put sticks into it so it can dip in water

Step five –eight

Wait, wait and wait some more. (think of ridiculous names for your plant to be.

Step nine

Start over again (because cat thought Avocado Project was a ball)

Side note: I did not overestimate my avocado growing skills and had a plan B.

What have I learned up to this point? Well, for one thing that I’m not a supertalented avocado grower. I am not sure if they are upside down, or if that even matters. I also learned it’s not wise to put my avocado-in-process pots within the reach of my cats.

update: they didn’t grow because I kind of forgot about them.