A Short (& Slightly) Melodramatic Post on Editing

So I wrote this mess of a story.

Lots of words, but not enough and probably not the right ones. Plot holes around every corner, characters doing not- interesting stuff to/with other non-interesting characters. No description or too much of it. And of course : clichés that will make you cringe. I’m at that point that I’ve read the first chapters so many times, I not only lost all objectivity, but every single word seems wrong somehow.

But amidst all this misery there’s an occasional gem. A sentence exactly right, a character delightfully wicked. And when I say occasional I mean: this is it, exactly one right sentence and one character I like.  hahahaha

So I’m gradually moving along, endlessly deleting, putting whole scenes in The Folder of Lost Words, hoping they will still fit somewhere but knowing they probably won’t. Making up new things that will inevitably cause so many problems further up the road.

Such fun this editing thing.


4 thoughts on “A Short (& Slightly) Melodramatic Post on Editing

  1. The process of editing is such a tough one, in my opinion. I can outline and write out 80k of a story, but to then make it make sense… uh, yeah let me get back to you 😛
    Good luck with the next chapter!


  2. Thanks for following my blog. I know what you mean when you say ever word seems wrong when you got back through to edit. I have reread passages and am shocked I ever thought they were good.


    1. I feel you. Luckily it’s also the other way around. Sometimes I come across lines I don’t recognize as my own, and am genuinely happy my writing doesn’t suck completely:)


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